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MVRS Token Contract Migration FAQ

Q: If I hold my MVRS on a wallet, will I receive the airdrop?

A: Yes, We will announce the time of screenshot taken in order to distribute the tokens

Q: If I hold my MVRS on an exchange, will I receive the airdrop?

A: Yes, each exchange will publish the announcement, please watch out for the one you're using. we suggest withdrawing your tokens to a wallet in order to make sure you receive the tokens first, as we will Airdrop the tokens to decentralized wallets first.

Q: Why is the ratio 100:1? am I going to lose value?

A: No, You will receive the same value in tokens as the price will be updated accordingly.

Q: will the old contract address the is on the BSC chain remain active?

A: Yes, but only for Pancakeswap, staking, airdrops and the initial p2e game. The rest of the ecosystem of Meta MVRS including all exchanges, Future Metaverse and Staking on exchanges will be solely the new ETH contract address.

Q: Is your contract address verified on Etheresan already?

A: Yes, We have spoken to the team on Etherscan and they support our move. you can search 'MVRS' on Etherscan and find our newest contract address on the Ethereum network.

Q: If I buy more now, will I receive more airdrop?

A: Yes and No, if you buy before the screenshot time, you will receive more. however, once we take a screenshot of your holding your airdrop amount will not be reflected, so please DYOR and check for future announcement regarding the above.

Q: Will both contracts have the same price?

A: No. As explained above, the minute we migrate to the new contract, only the ETH contract will betraded on all exchanges and on Uniswap (A Decentralized exchange equivalent to Pancakeswap).

Q: Is it a cross-chain for both BSC and ETH networks?

A: No. As explained before, the old contract will become idle and will only be used for a few specific items, including Pancakeswap pair.

BSC CONTRACT: 0xFD9FacA15558eb243aC0012Cf7ACfBf480574668

ETH CONTRACT: 0xBEDE1F59Fa4412556fEF69f1B9969F2003E3f8c1



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Due to the Migration of MVRS.
The MVRS Staking currently will only be for the BSC Tokens. We still allow you to Staking for the BSC version until further notice.

Mvrs Token Chart

UP TO 45% APY!

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